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What’s Covered in a Divorce Consultation?

After a lot of soul-searching, you’ve made the very tough decision to divorce. Now you need to find a lawyer, which means going through divorce […]
Feb 20, 2017
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3 Reasons Why People Fool Themselves into Thinking Divorce Without a Lawyer is a Good Idea

Does the thought of a do-it-yourself divorce give you a headache? It should. There are countless issues that must be negotiated and resolved. Matters such […]
Dec 18, 2016
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If I Have Been Separated for a Long Time, Am I Automatically Divorced?

Some spouses are confused about the difference between separation and divorce, believing one to be similar to the other. This incorrect assumption can lead to […]

Can the Terms of a Divorce Be Changed?

At first, the terms that were agreed upon for your divorce had been sufficient to cover your situation. However, as time passes, certain aspects of your […]

Are You Worried Divorce Means You’ll Never See Your Child Again? Know Your Rights!

You can’t bear to lose your kid. They are the best thing to come out of your former partnership. But you don’t know how to […]

Start Your New Life with a Post-Divorce Bucket List

There’s no arguing that the majority of divorces are unhappy events. Rare is the divorce that’s completely mutual and pain-free. Due to the traumatic nature […]
May 30, 2016
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The Difference Between Canadian and US Divorce Laws

Divorce law in Canada and the United States is similar in terms of the dissolution of marriage and the division of wealth and child custody. […]
May 25, 2016
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Are You Avoiding Divorce Because Your Family “Stays Together?”

Staying together for the sake of the kids is a noble idea. Divorce is never a pleasant situation, and your kids will have to deal […]

How Much Will an Uncontested Divorce Cost Me?

Calculating the price of going through a divorce proceeding can be complex, even for simple, uncontested divorce in Canada. It may be tempting to avoid […]
Mar 28, 2016
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Can a Divorce Lawyer Make My Ex Pay Child Support?

Whether the answer to this question is “yes” or “no” depends on the role you expect your divorce lawyer to take in the pursuit of […]
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