Can Court Orders be Changed?

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If you are a parent who has been in a custody or visitation dispute with your child’s other parent, you probably have a lot of unanswered questions about court orders. Families who have never been down this difficult road before often find themselves confused by the legal system and the courts. During this scary time knowing the facts can really help. One fact that many parents are unaware of is that court orders regarding family and custody matters are not written in stone. They are malleable and can change depending on circumstances.

Court Orders Can Be Changed

Although they are in place for the foreseeable future, court orders can change. Just as children grow and their needs change, and the situation of parents can change, so can orders of the court. The courts realize that one set of arrangements and orders will most likely not fit a family for a long period of time. They understand that there is no one size fits all when it comes to arrangements with kids and custody and visitation.

Court Orders as a Fall Back

Orders of the court are set in place as a fall back for parents that cannot agree on arrangements and plans. Parents are allowed to mutually agree to alter the order so that they can better manage their families and provide for their children. The court order can even be changed to reflect these mutual agreements, as long as the court believes that each parent is voluntarily entering into the agreement. However, the order should always be taken very seriously. If one party is found in violation of the order they can be held in contempt of court, face fines and even damage their credibility and jeopardize their future wants or needs.

When to Change an Order

In the same light that orders should be taken seriously and obeyed, they also should not be changed on a dime. If you or your child’s other parent sees reason for the court order to be changed the matter should be discuss with your lawyers. Requesting for a frequent change in orders wastes the courts time and also damages the party’s credibility. Before making such a request of the court, be sure that you really want the orders changed and be sure of what you want them to be changed to.

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