Marriage & Prenuptial Agreements In Toronto, Ontario

Prenuptial Agreements Aren’t Just For The Rich!

Marriage is a partnership. Anyone entering into a partnership should understand the terms of that relationship and protect their rights with due diligence. That means most people, especially those individuals bringing assets into the marriage, should take the time to draft a Prenuptial Agreement or Marriage Contract.

The Divorce Law Lawyers at Fine & Associates Professional Corporation in Toronto can help you draft a Prenuptial Agreement that protects your legal rights and financial assets as well as help you and your spouse-to-be avoid or resolve financial disputes before saying “I Do.”

Even after getting married, it still may be possible to address you and your spouse’s rights and obligations arising from a separation by way of a marriage contract.

Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial Agreements provide legal and financial protection in the event that a marriage is terminated and the parties separate. It provides how the parties wish to resolve their differences if there is a breakdown in the marriage. The Agreement can protect assets that you bring into the marriage and do not intend to share in the increase in value of same with your spouse.

A frank discussion about a couple’s financial future is required for drafting a Prenuptial Agreement. It is necessary for the parties to disclose all of their respective financial assets and liabilities and express concerns about their finances and how they wish to deal with their finances in the future.

Why You Need a Family Law Lawyer to Draft a Prenuptial Agreement

While there may be “do-it-yourself” Prenuptial Agreement forms available online, drafting a Prenuptial Agreement that truly meets the needs of you and your partner should be done by an experienced Family Law Lawyer.

Online Prenuptial Agreement forms are not able to foster the same discussions or raise your awareness of issues or Ontario Family Law nuances that a lawyer can. In the event of Divorce, the terms laid out in these Prenuptial Agreement forms may be difficult to enforce because of the absence of independent legal advice and financial disclosure.

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We Can Help You With a Prenuptial Agreement

To fully prepare yourself for married life and any future that may lead to, consult the Family Law Lawyers at Fine & Associates Professional Corporation in Toronto. We have over 20 years of experience helping clients wisely enter into marriage with Prenuptial Agreements based on our knowledge of Ontario Family Law and our experience with Divorce cases.

For help drafting a Prenuptial or Marriage Agreement, contact Fine & Associate Professional Corporation.