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Children are intimately involved when a family breaks down and their parents separate. As the most vulnerable members of the family, it’s important to keep their rights protected. While Family Law holds both parents responsible for the safety and well-being of the child, it may be necessary to seek legal assistance from a family law expert in order to reach the fairest agreement and ensure the rights of your Child are protected.

If it is necessary to go to court, a family law lawyer can fight for your rights, and those of your Child, in order to ensure that you have the best possible arrangement for you and your children.
If a resolution is amicably negotiated by the parties and their respective counsel, an experienced lawyer can ensure the agreement is enforced and adhered to, for the future well-being and protection of you and your family.

Do You Need a Child Custody Lawyer in Toronto?

At Fine & Associates Professional Corporation, we pride ourselves in helping people who are undergoing child custody disputes. We understand how difficult it can be to wade through the complicated piles of court documents necessary in a Canadian child custody battle when the only thing forefront in your mind the welfare of your Child (ren).. Trust our experienced lawyers at Fine & Associates Professional Corporation to advocate for you so that you have the peace of mind you need to navigate the complex waters of child custody laws.

How Can a Family Lawyer Help Me in a Child Custody Dispute?

When you are fighting for custody of your child, the last thing you need to worry about is complicated paperwork, court motions, and child custody laws. Let us do that; we will take care of your legal proceedings so that you can focus on maintaining your relationship with your children.

When litigating a custody matter, you must properly complete the necessary court documents to advance your claims. Your court materials must set out how you are best able to provide a stable, loving environment for your child. It is important to ensure that your documents are properly prepared to ensure that your position is properly put forth before the court. Our experienced family law lawyers will ensure that your rights are protected and we will aggressively advocate on your behalf and on behalf of your child.

Our family law lawyers at Fine & Associates Professional Corporation have extensive experience helping parents through the complicated paperwork involved in a child custody dispute. We will draft and assemble your Application, Financial Statement, Notices of Motions and Affidavits along with an index, an endorsement record, etc. in a “Continuing Record” (CR) that is filed with the court and served to your spouse. Rely on our family law lawyers for competent legal representation; we will help you prepare and file all of the necessary Court documents while protecting your rights and interests.

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Our experienced lawyers at Fine & Associates Professional Corporation will help you through this difficult time in your life. You will not find more understanding, committed family law lawyers than our child custody lawyers at Fine & Associates Professional Corporation. Contact the Fine & Associates Professional Corporation for friendly advocates that will help you fight your custody battle today!