Spousal Support In Ontario, Canada

What You MUST Know About Spousal Support in Ontario, Canada

Did you know…? That you are a spouse (whether you are legally married or you are in a common-law partnership).

You have a right to claim spousal support, also known as alimony, when divorcing or separating from your spouse in Canada. Usually spousal support is granted by a court if a spouse was dependent on the other spouse financially during the relationship or the spouse suffered some “detrimental economic circumstances” as a result of the relationship (i.e., stayed home to raise children, was in ill health, etc.).

At Fine & Associates Professional Corporation, we aggressively represent spouses seeking and paying alimony during a divorce. Our experienced family law lawyers strive to ensure that you receive the spousal support you need and that you are not exposed to excessive spousal support obligations if you are paying spousal support. Let us be your advocate during this difficult time in your life—whether you are paying or receiving spousal support. We will help you fight for spousal support payments that are reasonable and fair and allow you to plan for your future.

Why Using a Spousal Support and Alimony Lawyer is a Good Idea

Filing for divorce in Toronto can be a stressful process filled with uncertainty about the future. Perhaps your spouse was the primary provider and you do not know how you are going to make ends meet when you are no longer married to him or her. At Fine & Associates Professional Corporation, we take great pride in protecting our client’s best interests so that they have peace of mind about the future and can more readily focus on the matters at hand. Since we have extensive experience handling spousal support matters, we know when to negotiate and when to litigate to achieve the best results for your case! Contact our alimony lawyers at Fine & Associates Professional Corporation for more information about alimony or spousal support in Toronto. Our knowledgeable lawyers will aggressively protect your rights while fighting for the benefits you deserve!

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