Alan Tonna
Alan Tonna
10:51 05 Mar 17
If you're looking for a first class lawyer, look no further. Call Lorne Fine. Trust me, I did a tonne of research into family law firms eight months ago, when I was unexpectedly thrust into a very sad and difficult situation. Somewhere in the maze of valuable information on his website there is a statement that he "aggressively pursues his clients' interests". Backed by two very highly professional and competent individuals - Lindsay and Dominic - Lorne consistently delivered on this promise. If I can describe Lorne in three words it would be these: compassionate, workaholic and honest. He is an amazing, well prepared and creative negotiator, and scrupulously adhered to my wish to treat the other side with respect, without once compromising my interests. Honestly, and I say this from my heart, Lorne was the silver lining in an otherwise very dark cloud that passed over my life.
Irene Boyko
Irene Boyko
21:56 02 May 17
I would highly recommend Lorne Fine. He is great! After a very long term marriage, I found myself separated and in an awfully dark place in my life. I am so fortunate to have found Lorne. His superiour legal skills, knowledge, and understanding provided me with the strength I needed to move forward. I felt safe and in good hands. He was true to his word, had my back and my best interests to the end. As the proceedings unfolded it was evident the other side were going to be extremely difficult and unreasonable which made my situation more painful and stressful. However, Lorne handled my case with confidence and integrity. He fought hard for me and my legal rights to the finish and won each and every battle! He made sure I would be ok. Lorne has a first-rate team working hard for you. Lindsay in particular is outstanding and an integral part of the team. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable and has strong work ethics. Lindsay goes above and beyond when working on your file to ensure it is perfect. She genuinely cares and always makes time to listen or guide you through an emotional roller coaster with compassion and patience. She is brilliant! Although I only had the pleasure of working with Stephanie Pasternak a few times, I found her to be dedicated, professional and committed to your cause and wanting the best for you.
Attila Kralik
Attila Kralik
22:28 16 Nov 16
I have retained Lorne over the years since 1997. Dollar wise Lorne has been excellent value, taking ownership, and accountability in his work. He is straightforward in his approach in applying family law and from personal experience well respected by judges which is a huge plus before even entering a courtroom. If an ex is blameworthy, Lorne will find those points and defend you like a grizzly to her cubs. I believe to have had a most difficult case involving access, support and property division to all of which I was successful in Superior Court, initiated by Lorne's approach and guidance. In my matter I was able to defend my ex's motion seeking $100k as well as having her pay me rental income over the years she refused to sell the family home. If you are willing to do some legwork on your own, Lorne can carefully guide you through the steps as well as assign his highly competent assistants to your case. Have always recommended Lorne Fine and his associates and contine to do so!
Suzi Palmer
Suzi Palmer
18:08 29 Jun 16
This was the most stress free situation I had to go through! Lorne and Lindsay in particular, guided me through the process with ease! I felt very safe sharing everything with them knowing all would be dealt with professionally. I had a tight timeline to have a separation in place within a month and they went above and beyond to make that happen for me! I'm extremely pleased with the result. I can now move on and enjoy my jetset life as I deserve! Thanks Lorne and Lindsay!
Leo Happy
Leo Happy
19:44 29 Jun 16
Mr. Fine and his team helped me through a very difficult time. He represented my interests in a very adversarial situation and protected me when I was vulnerable. He had my back and I did not mind paying him for his work. It would have cost me a lot more if I hadn’t hired him. Well worth the investment.
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First of all, I want to say a big thank you to Ravital, Tanya, Lorne and the legal clerks of Fine & Associates Professional Corporation for their professionalism, expertise and the dedication they have put into family matter which I was extremely satisfied with the outcome. I transferred my case to Fines & Associates Professional Corporation from another law firm where I retained Tanya and Ravital. I was certainly not disappointed. Both Ravital and Tanya showed empathy, compassion, and guidance which made the transition very easy for me. Communication was always very detail, clear and concise. I had a very sensitive case but with their vast knowledge and the assistance of Mr. Fine they came up with great recommendations for effective solutions. Ravital devoted her time to my case working on Christmas holiday from her laptop in a Tim Horton’s so that court submissions were on time. My case was finalized in less than a year from the time I retained them which made my healing process faster and easier. I would highly recommend Ravital and Tanya to anyone that is looking for someone that is very professional, knowledgeable and committed to success.

— Paulette R. - Toronto, ON

Dear Stephanie Pasternak,

Thank you so much for all the assistance you have provided me during this challenging times of separation agreement. I appreciate the information and advice you have given me. Your expertise and kindness has been very valuable during this process. I will highly recommend you if anyone I run into need a great family lawyer. Again thank you so much. Two thumbs up!

— Dan – Toronto, ON

In addition to being excellent and well-skilled lawyers, Lorne Fine and Stephanie Pasternak illustrated a character trait that I was not necessarily expecting – compassion. During a challenging, highly charged and emotional separation, they truly cared about my well-being, as well as the welfare of my kids. And no matter how difficult things got, they never wavered from this. Mr. Fine and Ms. Pasternak are fantastic lawyers, but if it's possible, they are better people.

— L.P. – Thornhill, ON

Lorne J Fine - I would like to thank you for helping me in my darkest days. You kept me calm and gave me faith that in the end everything would work out and it did. I appreciate the dedication you had to my case, you were never out of reach. Thank you for all your support and guidance. With your help I am now confident that I can move forward with my life.

— K.A. – Bradford, ON

Hi Stephanie - I am writing to thank you for the outstanding work you did for me and wanted to say Thank You for all your help with my case.

— S.A. – Toronto, ON

I transferred my case to Ravital from another law firm…I was not disappointed. Ravital was always available when needed and our communication was clear and effective. Ravital listened to my concerns and desires and came up with the best recommendations on how to take my case to the direction I wanted it to go. I am pleased with Ravital's work and would definitely recommend her.

— Elena K. - Toronto, ON

Lorne and his staff, including his associate, Stephanie Pasternak and his assistant, Lindsay, have made a difficult divorce case from impossible to easy! Because of their great help, I was able to put my past long unhappy marriage behind me, and start enjoying a peaceful life again. I live in California U.S. and my divorce was processed in Toronto. This added additional complicity to my already challenging divorce case. They have always been willing to go the extra miles to ensure a good communication taking place remotely. Along the process, I often had to focus on my work during my day time. I really appreciated they frequently working very late to accommodate my working schedule. Lorne’s associate, Stephanie Pasternak, even used her vacation time to meet with me, discussing my case in person, when she was visiting California for pleasure. On top of that, they continued to get the results exceeding my expectation. I would highly recommend Lorne and Stephanie to anyone who needs help from an experienced attorney to get the best possible outcome quickly.

— Albert K. – California, USA

Aside from being an exceptional lawyer, Lorne Fine is a very genuine person. In my personal experience he has shown sensitivity and compassion far beyond what I expected. My case had made little progress for years until I retained Mr. Fine. Recently, I was given my first victory in court and I am confident he will provide me with a fair and just settlement in the end. I have recommended Mr. Fine to many of my friends and family without hesitation.

— C.M. - Aurora, ON

I was a client of Fine & Associates Professional Corporation in 2006-2007. I retained their services in order to assist me with a family matter. I was very satisfied with the service that I received during that period of time. It was very professional. My case was very sensitive. It could have easily have become more complicated and difficult, however, it was managed very well by Lorne Fine. He guided my case to an optimal resolution of all of my needs. He managed to resolve a very difficult situation. They showed a reasonable level of ownership of my case. My concerns were addressed in a timely and appropriate order in order to achieve the best results. I would like to thank Mr. Lorne fine (Lorne Fine Professional) and I will recommend their services to anyone who would like to have a peace of mind during this difficult time in their lives and achieve a positive final outcome.

— Raoff T., P. Eng. – Richmond Hill, ON

It is my opinion that Lorne Fine is probably the best Family lawyer in Toronto. I have known him and employed his services with complete satisfaction for over 15 years. Clients of mine who I have referred to him have been equally please with his dedication and expertise. I am happy to recommend Mr. Fine to anyone desiring the very best in legal services. He is always on your side!

— Maria C. – Belleville, ON

Fine is foremost a master deal maker.

— Leslie B. - Toronto, ON

I had hired three lawyers prior to Lorne Fine. He was the first to not only protect my rights, but that of my daughter as well. Unlike my previous experiences, he was the first to inform me of my rights. I would not hire any one else to represent me.

— Albert B. - Toronto, ON

I retained Lorne Fine to assist me with my divorce proceeding. Although I was in Israel and the proceedings were in Toronto, Lorne made the process very easy. My case was handled in a very experienced and honest manner. Notwithstanding that I was half way around the world, I was always kept appraised as to the status of my matter on an ongoing basis. I was very happy with Lorne’s work and his effort. He fought for my case for almost a year and a half and did an extremely good job. He never gave up on my case although my former spouse’s family was extremely difficult to deal with. Lorne also was willing to be flexible with his fees when I was having financial difficulties and my spouse’s family was prolonging the proceedings. I would highly recommend Lorne Fine to anyone who is experiencing a difficult Divorce.

— Yitzhak S. – Israel

I would recommend Lorne because he's a realist and always in control of a situation or conversation. As a result, he is able to get people to the table to negotiate and will fight for what your needs are.

— Gail M. – Etobicoke, ON

Lorne was recommended to me from a friend of mine. Lorne went to court for me several times and he got great results. I would recommend him to any of my friends going through a divorce.

— Kathy B. - Pickering, ON

Lorne is an experienced straight-shooter who understands that divorce is emotionally and financially stressful. He knows that focusing on what is really important and concluding matters quickly will allow more time for the healing process to begin. I have recommended Lorne to friends who are getting divorced.

— A.L. - Toronto, ON

Lorne did a great job representing me in my separation and divorce. I was very pleased with the outcome in what could have been a difficult and costly divorce. Most importantly, having Lorne take charge of my case gave me the peace of mind to get on with living.

— J.O.

Divorce is a very difficult time for anybody. Mr. Fine is very understanding and has great knowledge in this field. He responds quickly and has provided me with good advice in very difficult situations. Together with a group of very professional staff, the team has made my ordeal much easier to handle.

— John E. - Toronto, ON

I have been working with Mr. Lorne Fine since the fall of 2007, dealing with the relatively complex case of old support variation, arrears adjustment and divorce. My experiences from working with Mr. Fine were very positive. I was truly impressed by his professionalism, clarity of presentation and comprehensive knowledge of the Family Law. Although we never communicated in person, the remote exchange of information via internet and phone with Mr. Fine and his staff was sufficient to prepare quality court submission. The staff of Mr. Fine office was very efficient, professional and pleasure to work with. In my particular case, Mr. Fine did very good job in our submission and when arguing in court on my behalf. He achieved the divorce and very satisfactory judgment concerning the financial issues. I would strongly recommend Mr. Fine to anyone looking for a really good lawyer. He is the best lawyer I ever had.”

— W.Z. - Regina, SK

"I became a client of Fine and Associates Professional Corporation in 2008. I retained the services of Stephanie Pasternak with respect to a family matter. Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable and she effectively worked hard in obtaining a separation agreement that not only ensured that my rights were protected but also the rights of my children. She made me feel comfortable and was very sensitive during this most difficult time. I, without hesitation, would recommend Stephanie Pasternak to anyone in need of family law representation.

— Lisa R. - Vaughan, ON

When I initially contacted Lorne Fine, I was at the lowest point in my life. His empathetic and professional manner are what caused me to retain his services. Lorne made it possible for me to secure a satisfactory settlement during my separation process. Lorne is strong and competent. He advised me off all of my options and helped guide me toward a settlement which was both legally sound and beneficial for me. Lorne's and his assistant Lindsay's responses to myself and communication to opposing counsel were more timely than I ever expected. I have and will continue to recommend Lorne to my friends and family that require family law services. Thanks to Lorne and his steadfast attention to my case, I am finally able to move forward with my life for which I am most grateful.

— M.S. - Toronto, ON

A divorce, even an amicable one like mine, is very stressful, emotionally draining and the legalities are confusing to say the least. I found Ravital Khardas, of Fine & Associates, to be professional and knowledgeable but what impressed me most was her kindness and thoroughness in explaining details that were foreign and sometimes alarming to me. This was of great comfort and peace of mind. I would recommend her highly.

— Linda L. - Toronto, ON

Thank you Lorne Fine for your professionalism, in taking care of me, and looking out for my best interests for the past couple of years. You will not be forgotten, nor will I ever have any regrets as far as how things played out for me and my kids. You you continuous success in your career.

— Vincenzo C. - Woodbridge, ON

Lorne Fine graciously agreed to provide a public workshop for our organization on the complex issue of division of assets on marriage breakdown. He was very knowledgeable and professional in his presentation. He has many years of experience as a family law lawyer and patiently answered many difficult questions. One of Lorne 's many strengths is that he understands domestic violence and the role that it can play when a couple separates and begins legal proceedings. This is exceedingly important as the abuse very often continues and escalates when legal proceedings begin. He engaged the audience in a warm and welcoming manner and made each person feel relaxed and comfortable. Everyone involved indicated to us that they had lean red a great deal from Lorne and his associate Ravital. One of the participants remarked to Lorne "I am so sorry that I did not know about you when I engaged my lawyer". We are very grateful to Lorne and Ravital for giving us their time and expertise and for offering their time to us in the future.

— Penny Krowitz - The Information Service of Act to End Violence Against Women

Dear Lorne - Words cannot begin to say thank you. Never mind did you do such an incredible job representing me, giving me the support and respecting me and now you send me this unbelievable gift. I am just speechless. You are truly a "mench" through and through.

— Glenda K. - Toronto, ON

Thanks for all of your help over the last couple years. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication given towards me and my kids. You're amazing!!!!"

— J.S. – Toronto, ON

You're awesome Stephanie, thank you so very much and to your staff. I'm beyond happy. Won't lie, did a couple of happy dances already. :)

— Renee L. – Toronto, ON

We retained Fine & Associates in August of 2012 to handle divorce proceedings that had been dragging on for several years. The team at Fine & Associates are professional, friendly, courteous, thorough and extremely patient accommodating a hearing impairment. Though it took longer than expected to resolve the corollary matters Lorne showed his continued dedication to resolving this matter working through boxes of documents, a mountain of correspondence adjusting his schedule to suit our needs resulting in his working weekends and nights. We are extremely happy to say the proceeding were resolved in November 2014 and we are now able to enjoy a life of love, health, happiness and peace. I would highly recommend this team of professionals Thank you Lorne & Lindsay!

— Connie S. - Ottawa, ON

Lorne Fine delivered on what was asked and didn't take no for an answer. He knows his family law and because he's a good father, it helped make him force to be reckoned with.

— Vicki W. - Barrie, ON

I'm very grateful to have found Ravital Khardas to represent me during my very difficult divorce. She is an exceptional lawyer. She always acted in my best interests, she is professional, dedicated, caring, supportive and extremely knowledgeable of legal proceedings in order for us to be very well prepared throughout each stage. She explained every aspect to me in detail so that I was able to understand the complicated legal system easily. She provided very clear direction based on her extensive knowledge and experience to ensure the best outcome. I have recommended her to others in difficult situations of divorce.

— Karen M. - Toronto, ON

Without reservation or hesitation I would highly recommend the legal services of Fine & Associates. The professionals at this firm have demonstrated a level of expertise, competence and vision, in my divorce case, that only numerous years of legal experience can bring. Should thoughtful, creative, thorough and practical legal representation be your goal, then Fine & Associates Family & Divorce Lawyers is your informed choice.

— E.G. - Brampton, ON

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Ravital Khardas for the support, understanding and excellent legal guidance that she provided to me throughout my legal separation process. I was freshly separated and completely confused and emotional when I walked into her office looking for a lawyer that I would feel comfortable with and one that I felt got me and my situation. I knew very quickly that Ravital was that person and I feel very fortunate to have had her to represent me. Ravital always showed me that she had my best interests at heart. I was able to contact her for any issue that was important to me and she would take the time to respond in a timely manner. Her calmness, compassion, clarity, insight, patience, expertise, professionalism and knowledge of family law not only resulted in a very satisfactory and fair separation agreement but also helped me to become a stronger and more confident person who is healing and embracing the changes in my life.
I would recommend her highly. Thank you, Ravital!

— Marie C. - Toronto, ON

Rachel is the best!

I switched lawyers in the middle of my divorce proceedings, and I'm very happy I did. Rachel made me feel safe, provided simple and accurate explanations whenever I had a question, and I got the best deal possible in my divorce because of her.

— Julia S. - Toronto, ON

I have worked with Rachel Nusinoff for almost a year now.
I found her to be very professional while at the same time, very compassionate.
She understood my situation and wanted to work hard to help me achieve my goal of a fair settlement.
I felt comfortable and strong knowing that she was there for me.
She made me understand that I had to focus on myself and on my future.
She was aggressive when she had to be, but really understood my needs as she wanted me to be confident and happy with my final decision.
She was a pleasure to deal with and she always got back to me as soon as possible.
I would recommend Rachel to family and friends as I know they will be in good hands.

— L.C. - Aurora, ON

Lorne and Lindsay - Thanks again for all your help with my situation. I know it's your job but you made this very stress free for me considering how chaotic my life is currently. I will now be able to focus on my new job properly and live the jetset life I deserve! very truly.

— S.P. - Toronto, ON

I have retained Lorne over the years since 1997. Dollar wise Lorne has been excellent value, taking ownership, and accountability in his work. He is straightforward in his approach in applying family law and from personal experience well respected by judges which is a huge plus before even entering a courtroom. If an ex is blameworthy, Lorne will find those points and defend you like a grizzly to her cubs. I believe to have had a most difficult case involving access, support and property division to all of which I was successful in Superior Court, initiated by Lorne's approach and guidance. In my matter I was able to defend my ex's motion seeking $100k as well as having her pay me rental income over the years she refused to sell the family home. If you are willing to do some legwork on your own, Lorne can carefully guide you through the steps as well as assign his highly competent assistants to your case. Have always recommended Lorne Fine and his associates and contine to do so!

— A.T. - Toronto, ON

I strongly suggest to call Daniel Dominitz, who has done amazing work for me and my son. He is a very dedicated lawyer. He fully understands the client's situation and works very hard to bring the best result to the client. My case was very hard. However, I luckily met Daniel, and he changed the whole situation. I am sure you will be happier and worry-free after talking with him!

— T.M. - Toronto, ON